Shooty Skies Overdrive
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Shooty Skies Overdrive

Enter the arcade in this fast paced VR shoot ’em up. Dodge, weave and shoot through colorful retro worlds and ludicrous enemies.

Shooty Skies flew into existence as a mobile title back in 2015. It earned over 10 million downloads and a huge fan base who eagerly awaited each update. The Mighty team was constantly inspired to create new characters and worlds, each more ridiculous and quirky than the last. Not content to let these be lost in history, they felt compelled to bring them to life to a new audience, and a new dimension!

Bringing Shooty to VR as Shooty Skies Overdrive has been a whirlwind process. Once the prototype was made, it was clear there was something special, and ultimately, huge ridiculous fun!

Release date and platforms TBD.

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